How Wosh Works

Wosh is an easy-to-use and reliable web platform  to make your laundry & dry cleaning.

How to apply.

Thanks to use of the newest technologies, is now possible to do your laundry in only 4 clicks.

1. Connect on the App

We've created an easy to use platform for our dear consumers. Login on our webapp by clicking on Start Now.

2. Choose

When signed up, you can add the items that need to be taken care of or some of other services that we provide.

3. checkout

Don't worry about payment it will be automatically done after the washing of your order and for environmental purpose we use personalized Wosh laundry bags.

4. Pickup & Delivery

Drop your goods whenever you want at in the drop off zone within your office space.

Frequently asked questions.

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How can I connect the web app?

Visit the WOSH web, enter your personal information and select your building. Once you have entered all your data including your credit card information (fully secured thanks to Stripe ©), you will be able to enjoy our services.

Can I put an extra shirt into my bag after checkout?

Each bag will be checked by the laundry parterns to make sure the order matches the content of your bag. In case an item is missing or put in as extra, our team will contact you and handle things with you.

How can I checkout?

Once your laundry basket is full of things you need to wash, simply click on 'confirm order'  to the left side of your screen or in the cart. A confirmation message will appear and you will receive an email.

What to do with lost or damage items?

Thanks to our tracing system we are able to find the missing items in minutes but if it's really lost or damage, every order is fully insured.

Have any further Questions?

Would something still be unclear ? Please drop us a note, so we could answer your concern and let others people know

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