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Your laundry now
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Local, sustainable, and on-demand laundry & dry cleaning services, for both households and professionals.

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The innovation your laundry has been waiting for

Discover the benefits of outsourcing your laundry!

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Time Saving

Entrusting Wosh with your laundry will spare you an average of 3 hours’ worth of chores every week. That’s 7 full days a year!

Sustainable planet

Local & Sustainable

Professional laundry techniques require 4 times less water and chemicals as opposed to your home machines/household techniques.

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Tailor Made

Our solutions are adapted to best fit your needs and ensure the gentlest care of your fabrics, may they be delicate or common.

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Competitive prices

Laundry is kilo-based, while dry-cleaning is per item. Our pricing mirrors partner counter rates.

Green. Fast. Secure. An innovative way to take care of your laundry

Wosh enables you to rapidly complete laundry chores, in a green fashion, all that through a fully secure and easy-to-use platform. Wosh app lies state-of-the-art techniques to innovative technologies in order to offer you an optimal and agreeable experience

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Simply Easy

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Laundry pilling up?

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Sign up & plan an order.

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We pick-up, clean & deliver your laundry back to you.

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feel fresh and cute

Feel fresh,
Enjoy your free time.

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Your business freshened. Your employees perked up

Wosh specialises in private laundry solutions for offices, firms, co-works, hospitals & households (residences). Using Wosh, you will unveil the best fitting solution to all your laundry & dry-cleaning needs.

two to three pick-ups & deliveries a week

Delivered when best suited for you

100% guaranteed & secure

Trusted by the finest

Wosh already enhances satisfaction levels of over 3000+ employees in various sectors and companies.

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Wosh is for everyone

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Door to door

At Home

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Collection point

Office & Business

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Laundry partner

Laundry Place

Where can you find us?

Manneken PisBrussels
Manneken Pis isn't Brussels' only splasher. Good thing we're here to clean up the mess!
Icon Ghent
Dip into Ghent's creative palette! But worry not! WOSH is your canvas companion, washing away stains and ensuring your clothes remain a masterpiece amidst Ghent's vibrant tapestry.
Beer from LeuvenLeuven
Cheers to Leuven's brewing legacy! Just as this city's beer flows, so do life's little spills and stains. Embrace every sip and stain, for WOSH is here to keep your clothes pristine, no matter the adventure
Walloon - and Flemish Brabant
Here's to Brabant's bilingual charm! Just as French and Dutch intermingle, life's spills happen. But with WOSH, your clothes stay spotless through every adventure. Cheers to Brabant's diversity!

Find us in the following Cities

city of Brussels
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City of Ghent
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City of Leuven
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Waterloo Picture
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Futur city - Belgium
Tailor-made badge

Your city ?

Which to see wosh active in your city ? Drop us a note and we'll reach out to you as soon as we are active in your region!

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