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Wosh enables you to rapidly complete laundry, dry-cleaning & ironing chores, in a green fashion, all that through a fully secure and easy-to-use mobile app. We are available almost everywhere in the Walloon and Flemish Brabant and eager to take care of all your laundry.

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Zip codes we serve in the Brabant

La Hulpe
Braine l'Alleud

Our otherCities

Manneken PisBrussels
Manneken Pis isn't Brussels' only splasher. Good thing we're here to clean up the mess!
Icon Ghent
Dip into Ghent's creative palette! But worry not! WOSH is your canvas companion, washing away stains and ensuring your clothes remain a masterpiece amidst Ghent's vibrant tapestry.
Beer from LeuvenLeuven
Cheers to Leuven's brewing legacy! Just as this city's beer flows, so do life's little spills and stains. Embrace every sip and stain, for WOSH is here to keep your clothes pristine, no matter the adventure
Walloon - and Flemish Brabant
Here's to Brabant's bilingual charm! Just as French and Dutch intermingle, life's spills happen. But with WOSH, your clothes stay spotless through every adventure. Cheers to Brabant's diversity!

Frequently asked questions

Could not find the answer you were looking for? Drop a message in the contact form and we’ll getback to you ASAP.

How do I place an order ?
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First of all, you need to go to the WOSH web platform or mobile application, create your account and indicate your delivery location (at home or in a collection point - offices, buildings, residences, etc.). You will then simply add the items of your choice to your cart, select your pickup and delivery preferences (dates and time slots) and finally confirm your order. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order. Did you make a mistake? Don't worry, you can cancel or modify your order up to 1 hour before pickup.

Can I put an extra shirt (or other textile) in my bag after the confirmation?
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Yes! You can modify your order up to 1 hour before the pickup. Our laundry partners will be checking your bag to ensure that the order matches the contents of your order. If an item is missing or added, you will be notified and your balance total will automatically be updated.

How do I use WOSH at a collection point? 
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First, make sure that your building, company, etc. is partnered with WOSH. If it is not the case, you can apply for one here, we will get back to you within some days.

If you do have a collection point, go to the WOSH platform, create your account and enter your office address. Once your order is validated, fill your reusable bag (or disposable bag if it is your first order) and drop it off at the secure collection point in your building. We recommend dropping off the bag no later than 1 to 2 hours before your scheduled collection time. At last,  you will receive an email with all the necessary information on your order and collection point (location of the collection point, collection and delivery times, access code if necessary,...).

What if I can't find the items I need to wash in the application? 
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Your item is not in the list or you don't know which one to choose? Just put it in the laundry bag and mention it in the comment of your order. We professionally sort each order as it arrives, then we will select the best option for your item. If you have any questions about our prices, feel free to contact us by email, we will be happy to answer you.

What happens if one of my items is damaged or goes missing?
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Your clothes are in safe hands, cases of missing items are extremely rare, thanks to our tracing system we are able to find the items in minutes. If any issues occur, please email us to report the issue, with further details and pictures of the item, if available. We will carry out a full investigation to find out what happened.

If we aren’t able to locate your items, we’ll reimburse you in accordance with our terms and conditions. Please note that we’d be required to get notified within 2 days after delivery. 

How do I receive my WOSH reusable bag?
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On you first order, we invite you to use a disposable bag with your user_id on it. Your items will then be returned in the chosen reusable bag. From then on, you will be able to use the same bag for all your future orders. Furthermore, if we notice that you did not select a bag at the time of your order or that the chosen bag is not optimal for the items you ordered, a new Wosh bag will be assigned to you. 

Be aware that the reusable Wosh bags have a deposit system so that when you no longer need the bag you can get a refund. Feel free to contact us by email for more information on this subject.  

At the payment level, when will I be debited for my order?
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We collect payment (credit card and WOSH Wallet) once we start cleaning your clothes, after the collection and sorting process. Credit card and Bancontact payments are processed through a highly secure platform (Stripe), we do not store any sensitive data on our servers. 

How do I get my deposit back on my WOSH reusable bag?
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If you no longer need your Wosh bag for future orders, you can return it to us (as long as it is in good condition). To get your deposit back, send us an email at hello@wosh.be, with your ID number and the number of bags you want to return, we will then contact you to proceed with the refund.  

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